Sky dancers 100% digitally printed - two arms / one leg


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Delivery time:

For stock items within 2-3 days. otherwise 2-3 weeks incl. production

  • Full best quality 100% printing: nearly every color and gradients possible
  • constant intensive motion: inevitably draws people's attention
  • simple installation: set up in a short time with little effort

This is the modern and advanced version of air dancers

Like his typically printed brother, he makes sure to catch people’s eyes. 

Available in sizes from 4 meters to 8 meters (13 ft to 26 ft) this funny giant is not an airtight inflatable, instead the sky dancer has a fan placed underneath it that keeps its continually in motion as the air runs the puppet through.

The sky dancer is 100% printed. Download skydancer printing data and design it. 

Our sky dancer has two arms and one leg, is made of high-quality nylon fabric. 

Buy a sky dancer and give your advertising an energetic look and playful presence to charm your audience. 

Delivery time is ca. 2 weeks after we received vectorized printing data and payment.

Prices do not include blower fan.

Here you can download our complete catalog for Sky dancer.