Terms of Shipping and Payment

In addition to the stated product prices shipping costs are added. You can find out more about the amount of shipping costs in the order page. We only perform our deliveries in-transit. We do not deliver to packing stations.  Pick-up of the product at our offices is not possible.

Transport damage

  • For consumers: If the products are delivered with evident transport damage, please fill and send a complaint as soon as possible to the delivering company and please contact us immediately. Not filling a complaint has no consequences for the customer claim and the enforcement of the same; however, we encourage it, since it helps us assert our own claim against the courier service and speed up the whole process.
  • For entrepreneurs:The risk of accidental damage or loss of the products shall be transferred to you as soon as we have delivered the item to the freight forwarder, the courier, person or institution otherwise responsible for carrying out the shipment.

Among traders, the duty to inspect and to take measures as needed is regulated in § 377 HGB. If you refrain from doing so, the goods are deemed as approved, unless there are defects that were not accounted for during the inspection of the merchandise. This does not apply if it is determined that a defect has been fraudulently concealed on our company’s end.

Payment Options

In our shop, you can always use the following payment methods:

Payment in advance:

When selecting to make the payment in advance, we will give you our bank details in separate e-mail for the transaction. Once is done, forwards us the receipt of the payment, once confirmed, we’ll start the shipping process for the purchased products.


As part of the payment service PayPal, we offer you various payment methods that PayPal provides.

When selecting PayPal, the customer will be re-directed to the website of the online payment processor PayPal. There you can specify your payment details, confirm the use of your data by PayPal and payment instructions to PayPal. You can choose the following payment ways with paypal:

  • Pay with PayPal: PayPal will make an invoice notice, containing the total amount and every detail of the purchase, and will send it to your PayPal account immediately.  Once your account receives the invoice notification, you can open it to look at the details and then press the “Pay invoice” button located at the bottom of the invoice in the left side, once done PayPal will automatically execute the payment transaction and the stated amount will be deduced from your PayPal account's balance.
  • Pay with Credit Card: Your payment transaction will be processed by your credit card company at the request of the payment processor Stripe and your seleted card will be charged the stated amount upon confirmation.
  • Direct Debit: By confirming the money order, you give PayPal a direct debit mandate. You will be informed about the date of the account debit by PayPal (so-called Pre-notification). Upon submitting the direct debit mandate immediately after the payment order has been confirmed, PayPal will request its bank to initiate the payment transaction. The payment transaction will be processed and your account will be charged.