Giant latex advertising balloon with printed logo - double-sided/single-color - 50 cm to 2 m (20 in to 6.5 ft)

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If you want to make an even greater impression, you might want to use an even bigger balloon printed with a bigger logo and professional round shape.

For those who wish to playfully let their presence know and their advertising show - the giant advertising balloon is here to do just that.

Completely made from natural latex, without a drop of plasticizer in the mix and fully biodegradable

Available in models ranging from 50cm to 2 m (20 in to 6.5 ft) in diameter the giant advertising balloon is ready to be a playful piece of advertisement with your logo printed on both its sides.

Carrying your logo while it floats from side to side whenever anyone inevitably can’t resist playing with it and throw it around. This is advertisement assisted by potential customers, what else can you ask for?

Our imprint is processed using the screen printing technique, meaning 100% opacity with sharp and defined outlines for your logo. Our giant advertising balloons are available in 10 different, beautiful colors.

We at inflatable24 are particularly proud of the all-European origin of our entire production of latex balloons for advertising.

Buy a giant latex balloon to provide your audience a fun way to advertise you by literally throwing around your logo as they play with it.

Minimum quantity is a 5 pieces

Please be aware that the price per unit varies depending on the number of pieces ordered.
Please order fitting BalloonClipshere. You may close it with a knot, but the material is very strong and with BalloonClips it is easier.