5 pcs. BalloonClip for giant balloon latex 50cm to 200cm (20in to 80in)

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Plastic clips for latex balloons with eyelets for attaching strings.

1 unit = pack of 5 pcs

Quick and easy way to close giant latex balloons without tying. Reusable: while firmly sealing giant balloons, clips can still be re-opened and closed again without causing damage.

Available in different lenghts for different sizes of giant promotional balloons:

length 6cm/ 2.4in for balloons Ø 50cm /20in

length 8cm/ 3.2in for balloons Ø 100cm /40in

length 12cm/ 5in for balloons Ø 150cm /60in

length 15cm/ 6in for balloons Ø 200cm /80in